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The reaction of the Hungarian children shocked the English. The images from the “Puskas Arena” go around the world


The English did not expect such a thing at Puskas Arena. Although they were received by a gallery of children only, the European runners-up were whistled, especially when they knelt down, a gesture by which the British support the fight against racism.

The England coach was speechless at the “Puskas Arena”. “We try to educate the world”

Hungarian fans did not have access to the match at the “Puskas Arena” due to the UEFA sanction. The European Court applied this punishment following the racist chants of Hungarian supporters at EURO 2020. Despite the sanction received, Hungarians benefited from a provision in the regulation. Thus, children up to the age of 14 had access to the match with England. No less than 30,000 children came to the “Puskas Arena” on Saturday night. Given that for every group of 10 children the presence of an adult is required, 3,000 adults attended the match with the little ones.

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The start of the match was unfortunately marked by an amazing moment. The English players were booed when they knelt in solidarity with the fight against racism.

I was surprised, I thought children were coming to the stadium, just to educate them. They can only be influenced by adults, so I don’t blame them. We will continue to kneel, precisely because there are places where we are whistled for, said Gareth Southgate, Albion coach.

“They are real Hungarians”

On Saturday night, the Hungarian national team faced England in a Group 3 match of Division A of the League of Nations. The national team led by Marco Rossi managed to win 1-0 in front of the European runner-up. The result is the historic dept for the Hungarian national team, coming after a break of 60 years. The happiest was the coach Marco Rossi, the Italian who leads the Hungarian national team since 2018. He also achieved important results at Euro 2020, a tournament played last year. And now the European runner-up has won. He also took the opportunity to quarrel with those who have been criticizing Hungary lately. The Hungarians, like our tricolors, also missed the World Championship.

Those who said goodbye to this team are not real Hungarians. I’m sorry for those who were waiting for the defeat of the national team, their calculations were wrong. Those who supported us, they are real Hungarians, I’m sorry to say that. But this is the reality, was the statement of the coach, after another great victory of the national team he leads

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