Home Technology Ventirad Alucia H4, muscular under the 40 € mark?

Ventirad Alucia H4, muscular under the 40 € mark?


Akasa announces a new processor cooler, the Alucia H4. In tower format, it is equipped to meet the needs of power-hungry processors.

The Alucia H4 is positioned in the high-end segment. Akasa evokes a “premium” solution capable of dissipating up to 185 Watts, enough to ensure with an Intel Core i7-12700 or an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. Entirely black, it is equipped with a 120 mm fan.

Alucia H4, details

We find a tower format with four copper heat pipes. They are in direct contact with the processor. Their mission is to transport the heat from the base to a multitude of aluminum fins. The height position of the fan adjusts to free up space in the memory slots. Of the PWM type, it turbines between 500 and 2000 rpm. At full speed we find an air flow of 56.3 CFM for a static pressure of 1.94 mm H20 and noise pollution of 33.1 dBA.

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The bundle includes fixings for LGA 2066, 2011, 115x, 1200 and AM4 sockets. Attention if Akasa evokes a Core i7-12700 the LGA 1700 socket is not supported. This compatibility is promised through a future update.

The Alucia H4 (AK- CC4017EP01) is announced at the recommended retail price of €35.99. It comes with dimensions of 120 x 96 mm for a height of 154 mm and a weight of 672 grams.

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