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Windows 10 21H2, deployment is becoming widespread, Windows 11 remains optional


Windows 10 21H2 was released in November 2021. This is a “minor” update. We have new virtualization features, changes to Windows Subsystem for Linux, and small fixes here and there.

The giant has implemented a phased rollout. The maneuver makes it possible to make the necessary corrections in the event of a critical bug while limiting the number of potential victims. In recent documentation for 21H2, Microsoft announces that the availability of the operating system is improving.

It becomes available for all PCs through manual search. Just go to Windows Update and click on “Check for updates”. Otherwise the OS will be offered in the coming weeks automatically. In this regard, the firm has already confirmed automatic installations on devices running an end-of-life version of Windows 10.

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Installing 21H2 is supposed to be quick because everything comes in the form of a classic cumulative update.

Windows 10 21H2 may be required, Windows 11 remains optional

For its part, Windows 11 remains an optional upgrade for Windows 10 users. In other words, Microsoft does not plan to force its adoption. This means that PCs running an older version of Windows 10 will be automatically upgraded to a supported version of Windows 10.

This OS remains current at least until October 2025. After this date and without significant change Microsoft will no longer ensure its maintenance. Gradually Windows 11 will become the sole star of the Redmond catalog. A major annual meeting is already planned. It will birth a major feature update with improvements, new features, and optimizations.

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