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Windows 11, “gaming” performance collapses in the event of poor configuration


PC gamers need to pay attention to some Windows 11 settings. With the wrong configuration, gaming performance plummets. In some cases the framerate drops by almost 30%.

One day before its official launch, Windows 11 reveals certain “dark” sides. Although Microsoft promises gamers that ” Windows 11 is for you“, the OS asks for caution in order to obtain the best possible gaming performance. This is what recent tests by PC Gamer reveal. Performance in some video games may crash if Windows 11 is misconfigured. The fall is not anecdotal since it is on average 25%.

The problematic option is called VBS. Contraction of Virtualization-Based Security this technology exploits hardware virtualization in order to increase the security of the operating system. According to Microsoft

“Windows can use this ‘virtual safe mode’ to host a number of security solutions, giving them significantly increased protection against operating system vulnerabilities, and preventing the use of malicious exploits that attempt to circumvent protections. “.

Windows 11, gaming doesn’t like VBS!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Tests reveal that activating this technology has a considerable impact on gaming performance. The framerate, that is to say the number of images per second, can drop by up to 28%. The VBS is activated by default after a new installation of Windows 11. However, this is not the case if it is an upgrade from Windows 10. This means that the same PC will offer different gaming performance depending on the type of Windows 11 installation!

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It is therefore imperative to manually disable this feature (All settings) if you buy a Windows 11 PC.

Enabling VBS drops framerate by 5% under Far Cry New Dawn, 25% under Horizon Zero Dawn, 24% under Metro Exodus, and 28% under Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The tests were conducted with an Intel Core i7 10700K processor mounted on an MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi motherboard accompanied by a GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Founders Edition and 32 GB of DDR4-3200.

This problem is confirmed to other players such as UL, the originator of the 3DMark benchmark. In a post dated September 29, 2021, the firm explains

“In our testing with pre-release versions of Windows 11, a feature called Virtualization-Based Security (VBS) causes a performance hit. VBS is enabled by default after a clean install of Windows 11, but not when upgrading from Windows 10. This means that the same system may get different benchmark scores depending on how Windows 11 was installed and whether VBS is enabled or not. We plan to add VBS detection to our benchmarks in an upcoming update to help you compare scores fairly. »

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